Anvil City Science Academy Nome, Alaska


Lab: Pig Eye Dissections
Lab: Frog Dissections
Mrs. Lisa Leeper's BP Teacher of Excellence Ice Cream Social
More Artists in Schools Pictures
History Quilt Project
Craft Club: Making Candles
Hands On Math: Baking Fractions
Parliament's Taxation
U.S. Colony Projects
Spring Formal Dance
Artists in Residence Activities

Language Arts / Media Class: Pod Cast Poems

Poetry Thumbnails
Lab: Crayfish Dissection
Lab: Squid Dissection
Guest Speaker: Iditarod Musher Hugh Neff
Lab: Observing Flatworms and Roundworms
Lab: Observing Earthworm Responses
3rd Quater Clubs
Lab: Planaria Regeneration
Lab: Flower Dissection
Valentine's Day Heart Dissection
Navajo Weavings
Lab: Earthworm Dissection
Poetry Outloud


Lab: Exploring the Properties of Light
Activity: Levels of Organization in Animals
2nd Quarter Honor Roll Luncheon
Navajo Bottle Glazing
The Governor's Parade
Lab: The Development of a Plant
Winter Spirit Week
ACTION (Active Community Teens Involved in Outreach for Nome) Breakfast with Santa
Student of the Month Awards
Hands-On Math: Geometry Basics of Gingerbread Houses
Settlement Skit Preparations
Newspaper Story Brainstorming
Guest Speakers: Museum Design Team Visit
Lab: What's For Lunch?
Ceramics: Navajo Bottles
Lab: An Explosion of Life
1st Quarter Honor Roll Lunch
Lab: Bacteria That Dine on Vegetables
Native American Bulletin Board Project
Halloween Spirit Week
Modeling Bacterial Reproduction
Lab: Preparing Bacterial Slides
Lab: The Microscope
Drawing 101: Section Drawings