Anvil City Science Academy Nome, Alaska Washington DC 2015


A slide show for each Washington DC activity can be viewed by clicking on any thumbnail image.

DC Day 1: Public Transportation 101

DC Day 1: The Castle & National Math Day

DC Day 1: The Memorials

DC Day 1: Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day Rally

DC Day 1: Student Blogs

DC Day 2: The National Zoo

DC Day 2: Celebrating Shakespeare's 450th Birthday at the Folger Library

DC Day 2: International Spy Museum

DC Day 2: Student Blogs

DC Day 3: The Library of Congress

DC Day 3: The US Supreme Court

DC Day 3: The Museum of Natural History

DC Day 3: The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

DC Day 3: Student Blogs

DC Day 4: The US Capitol

DC Day 4: Arlington National Cemetery

DC Day 4: The Washington Nationals vs. the St. Louis Cardinals

DC Day 4: Student Blogs

DC Day 5: The US Holocaust Museum

DC Day 5: The Air & Space Museum

DC Day 5: The American Museum of Native Americans

DC Day 5: The Korean War Memorial

DC Day 5: The Lincoln Memorial

DC Day 5: The Vietnam Memorial

DC Day 5: The Presidential Arrival

DC Day 5: Student Blogs