Anvil City Science Academy Nome, Alaska Washington DC 2016


DC Day 1: Public Transportation 101

DC Day 1: Activities and Sites on the National Mall

DC Day 1: The American Museum of the American Indian

DC Day 1: American Museum of Natural History

DC Day 1: A Night at the Ballpark

DC Day 1: Student Blogs

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DC Day 2: The National Air and Space Museum

DC Day 2: American Museum of Art, National Jazz Month: Ella!

DC Day 2: American Museum of History

DC Day 2: Student Blogs

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DC Day 3: The US Memorial Holocaust Museum

DC Day 3: The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

DC Day 3: Student Blogs

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DC Day 4: The National Zoo

DC Day 4: The Washington Monument and the Martin Luther King Jr., Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Jefferson Memorials

DC Day 4: Student Blogs

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DC Day 5: The US Supreme Court

DC Day 5: The US Capitol

DC Day 5: The Lincoln, VietnamWar, Korean War, and WWII War Memorials

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DC Day 6: Arlington National Cemetery

DC Day 6: The Library of Congress

DC Day 6: The White House

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