Anvil City Science Academy Nome, Alaska


Academic Policy Committee Academic Policy Commitee Members Serving January 2016-January 2018 Seat 2: Elizabeth Coler 
Seat 4: Betsy Brennan Seat 6: Brenda Menadelook Serving January 2015-January 2017 Seat 1: Julie Kelso
Seat 3: Charles Marble
Seat 5: Kacey Miller
The Academic Policy Committee was formed as provided for in the original charter, approved in 1998. (a) The APC meets monthly to conduct the business of the Anvil City Science Academy (ACSA). Formal, approved minutes of those meetings are posted on the APC Minutes page. (b) The APC’s adopted mission statement for Anvil City Science Academy is as follows: “Through a cooperative network of parents, teachers and community members, ACSA will provide a safe, nurturing, family oriented, multi-age learning environment supporting a highly rigorous academic program for higher education preparation with high standards of responsible citizenship. Current technology will be incorporated in all aspects of the students’ education. ACSA will promote academic excellence, character development and educational enthusiasm resulting in responsible, productive citizens.” During their meetings the APC works diligently toward their stated goals of ensuring a safe and caring learning environment, free of violence, abuse and harassment; aggressively pursuing the resources necessary to promote learning for all enrolled students; providing the hardware, software and instruction for all students to learn and work with the most powerful information, communication and computer construction tools available; assuring that ACSA students demonstrate academic excellence on the Alaska Measures of Progress assessments in language arts, reading, mathematics, and science, and; enforcing high standards of excellence and expectations of students and staff regarding attendance, discipline, academic achievement and professional performance.